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Experienced PLC Programmer

We are able to apply a bespoke control solution to almost any situation either machinery or something that requires a computer level of control, it can even be something that you would like to put through a touchscreen to add that level of professionalism to it, lighting control is one example of this. Whatever you are looking for to have controlled we can help, please get in touch with any new projects you may have and we will do our utmost to help find the correct solution for you

Centurion Engineering Solutions also offers the service to retro-fit PLC technology to an older or manual machine and enable you to increase performance and control from these machines. In many cases, the original program may not be available and in this situation is is often quicker and therefore cheaper to replace with PLC itself and re-write programs. Our site visit will be able to let you know which option will be best and most cost effective for you.

After an evaluation of the machine we will be able to offer improvement options with their respective performance benefits. This means that older or manual machines can be upgraded and given a new, more productive lease of life. Due to the PLC’s we use, remote software updates can be provided given a local network connection, Wi-Fi or even a mobile data service. This means that the software can be modified and upgraded or to speed up fault diagnosis without long shutdown periods keeping productivity high.