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Our Process To Deliver You A Solution

The first step is after you have emailed or phoned us is for us to come to you to see and discuss the problem.

We believe that the best and most informative method of communication is face to face, especially in the early stages of a project.  From this point we will go through the problem step by step, develop a clear and specific definition of what the best result would look like.

The next step is then for us to go away and develop a range of solutions for the problem looking at areas such as Productivity, Quality, Service, Cost, Safety, Lean Manufacturing processes and Ease of Use.

We can then come back to you to decide the best way forward given the timescales and budget available. We have previously delivered solutions from an all in one to a phased solution approach to work around production commitments and shutdowns etc.

When both sides are happy with the solution and timescales, we develop the project timescale in detail along with agreed update meetings and progress reports.  We then provide installation, commissioning and training support prior to handing over the solution.

The solution provided varies with the problem, but we are committed to finding the best solution for you and will work with you every step of the way so that the best possible solution is found.

Once the Solution is handed over to you, we will continue to support your needs whatever they may be from Service and Maintenance support to continuous improvement as you needs change.

Please contact us if you require any more information.