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Inspection Systems

Part of our capabilities are to develop and install electronic inspection systems either on a production line or other process. These can be installed where an inspection process is carried out manually or where a requirement to have zero defects reaches the end of the line. We offer the development and installation of a range of inspection equipment including:

  • Machine Vision System
  • Vision Inspection Equipment
  • Visual inspection equipment
  • Electronic inspection
  • Label presence and inspection
  • Part inspection machine/equipment
  • Machine camera inspection
  • Production camera systems
  • Quality control vision system
  • Automated inspection

Using Cameras and our own PLC control systems linked to a touchscreen we can develop bespoke inspection and/or rejection systems to suit your requirements. If you want to discuss your potential requirements or would like a site visit to see what we can offer you, please call or email us and we will be happy to arrange the next step.